Berm Set

This set allows you to create, up to a 180 degree turn in your ramp set up. The set comprises of 2x entry/exit blocks and 7x middle blocks. You can add or remove the middle blocks to make the berm set fit your layout.

These need to be held together with a wingnut bolt (supplied) between each joint to stop movement. This will allow you to really make use of the area you are using.

Say you were setting up in a tennis court. You could create 2 or 3 runs by turning the riders 180 degrees, or set the berms at 90 degrees to create a skill set up around the perimeter. Berm sets stack inside each other to reduce storage space.

  • For a fully weatherproof option, we can make all the ramps using buffalo board, you can see some ramps with the dark brown finish. Please contact us to discuss this option" or something similar....

From £800

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