Skinny Sets

Available in 2x different widths. 300mm wide and 200mm wide. Comprising of 2x skinny flat ramps and a 1500mm long skinny platform box.

Not all mountain biking is flat out and fast! Lots of skills are needed for the slower technical riding. Perfect for learning these skills are skinny sets. Carefully negotiate the this line to develop very important slow speed skills.

These sets are the same pattern as the 150mm high platform set, just a lot narrower. These will fit together with Any other 150mm high ramp set to create some fantastic skill sets.

  • Available in 300mm wide – £460

  • Available in 200mm wide – £430

  • For a fully weatherproof option, we can make all the ramps using buffalo board, you can see some ramps with the dark brown finish. Please contact us to discuss this option" or something similar....

From £430

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